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11 February 2016 @ 02:40 pm
Hello sweethearts! One of the galval mods here! After getting multiple messages asking us to make a facebook page, here it is!
After a long time of posting the valentines on Live Journal, no one seemed to notice our submission posts anymore. We too, noticed that all activity from gyarus was moved to facebook due to how easy it is to keep everything on one site. This, in combination with how we felt it was neccesary to keep the valentines alive and keep the positive vibe in the community, made us decide to move this little piece of gyaru history to facebook aswell.
A little heads up about how we will make this work:
*All valentines will be posted in a mass-post on Sundays, this way you won't get spammed with updates, and you can comment/share the valentine about yourself aswell.
*Submissions can be made on facebook by sending it to the page (we will also occasionally look on the livejournal page for new submissions)
*You can specify if you want your name to be posted or if it is anonymous (when not specified, it will be posted as anonymous).
*Every month, all valentines made that month will be posted as a mass post on Live Journal. This way we won't let the site die whilst still keeping it rather easy to maintain.
*All valentines submitted to the LJ which aren't posted yet will be posted on sunday.
Any other questions, please leave them in the comments or message the page.
First submissions will be posted this sunday! So start submitting gals~